Monday, April 4, 2011


Last night I watched the very funny TWIN BOYS CONVERSATION video that has become  a sensation on the internet. I was really fascinated by it.  I can remember how at times Janine and I used to utter statements in unison or even finish each other's sentences. Equally amazing was the fact that sometimes I would rush to tell her something and she was about to say the same thing to me.  Twins have a very special bond that started in the womb. Dr. Raymond William Brandt in his book 'TWIN LOSS' referred to it as utero bonding. Right now I am thinking about something that happened last night. I was getting off of my bed and I said "I am going across to the bathroom."  I wondered how I made this statement as if I was saying this to Janine. The twin bond lives on even after death. As the statement goes " Once a twin, always a twin."


Angela said...

It even lives if you lost your twin before birth. People used to accuse me I was talking to myself. When i was little I didn't know what they meant.Of course I wasn't talking to myself, I was talking to my brother! Later, I learned he was "an imaginary friend" and I only made up that I had a brother. Oh, well, I thought, they're the adults (and even later they were the shrinks and therapists), they ought to know. Who am I to contradict them. But still I will catch myself talking to somebody unseen to others and saying "we" and "us" in doing it, all the time :-)

Judy Haughton-James said...

Thanks for your comments Angela. You are so right. Through the internet I have learnt that it does not matter when one of twins has lost his/her twin. The effect of it is revealed eventually. This has been mentioned by twinless twins and the parents of twinless twins. I found your comments very interesting and understand fully what you mean.

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