Thursday, April 7, 2011


We have been getting quite a bit of rain recently and it brings to mind the impact of rain shortly after my twin sister's death. Here I share a poem that I wrote during that time.


There is something about rain,
I just can't explain.
Makes me feel calm,
It is like a balm.

I don't like being out in the rain,
I prefer to watch it fall on my window-pane.
I also like to hear the pitter patter
Water everywhere making a splatter.

I wish it could drown my sorrow,
And make me see a brighter tomorrow.
I am longing to see a rainbow
When colours in the sky put on a show.


Anjy Roemelt said...

Oh, I can so relate to that poem. On our bedroom's wall hangs a short line from an irish blessing "From fright and fear may we be spared by breath of wind and quiet of rain". Before I knew I had a twin I used to imagine when going to sleep I would lie in a wood-shack with my brother close to me and listen to the rain pattering on the roof. When i told it to a shrink, later, she said there was hardly a better picture for being in the womb together.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Angela,
It is always good to get your comments. I love the line from the Irish blessing! Your comments are very interesting. Another good example of how strong the twin bond is from in the womb. Twinless twins, their parents, relatives and friends need to realize this. Take care and all the very best to you.

Anjy Roemelt said...

Dear Judy,
isn't it weird how these images have haunted me all my life? I just remembered another one I had when I was a little girl, of me and some other lying in a cot on a camel's back, riding through the desert night. These pictures so used to comfort me and I could never figure out why. actually, I used to think everyone had them.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Angela,
I am really glad that I joined a number of twinless twin groups as the information has been rather enlightening. I had my twin with me for almost 48 years but I have learnt that those who have lost a twin whether it be an early or late loss twin there is still an amazing connection between twins. This continues even after one has died. The statement "Once a twin, always a twin" is so true.

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