Thursday, July 25, 2013

Question Time

      Every weekend I will have a blog post where I ask and answer questions.  It is a good way for readers to get  to know more about me and also helps me to get feedback on a number of questions.  There are times when one comes across an item in a particular colour and can't resist buying it.  Has this happened to you recently?  Well, I could not pass the pair of sandals below. I think it is in such a pretty shade of green.  Green is one of my favourite colours.
    As usual I am participating in Friendship Friday hosted by  Create with Joy where the theme this week is What makes you smile?  When you are sad or having a rough day, what do you do to bring a smile to your face? Well, this theme has come on one of those days for me!  I meditate, do Yoga exercises, chat with friends and relatives, keep busy and of course blog!
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