Thursday, December 5, 2013

Work At Home Pursuit - Review

         In recent months I have linked up with several persons on LinkedIn.  Among them is Angel Andrews who has a website titled Work At Home Pursuit. This site certainly lives up to its tagline - A Source For Everything Work At Home.  I like the comprehensive coverage of  a wide variety of  work at home opportunities, jobs, posts and resources. 
        When one works at home one often needs someone, something and somewhere that give us that inspiration to keep on keeping on.  Furthermore there are certain realities that one has to take into consideration. I find that this site fulfills these needs therefore I  recommend it. 
       A wealth of knowledge flows from persons who are actually living the work at home life.  If it is your dream to be able to work from home whether full-time or part-time you will find helpful advice and inspiration. 
      When Angel asked me to write a guest post for this site I readily agreed and wrote an article titled Join Me In The Blogging World

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