Sunday, October 2, 2011


       Oh how I welcome good news as I approach some difficult dates in October, November and December due to the loss of my twin sister. Well, my latest good news is another award, the Blog on Fire Award, from Melissa of the mommyhood chronicles.  I am truly grateful to you Melissa. Please check her great Blog.  
               I am supposed to share 7 things about myself. Seven things about me were listed in a post I did about a previous award, the KREATIV BLOG AWARD titled OH! I AM FEELING SO-O-O GOOD!  I have met many wonderful Bloggers and appreciate everyone who has become a Follower and shared comments. Now to the Bloggers who I would like to pass this award to:-
                *Every Day Is A Country Song       
                *Sunray Gardens
                *TREAT & TRICK        
                *RICH FAITH RISING
                *Frugal in WV
                *Self Sagacity
                *One Moment In Time
                *Pickle Jars and Pears
                *Katherines Corner
                *All Things Important
                *Time And Oft
                *Debs Dealz
               * Indiana Coupon Savings
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