Monday, April 18, 2011


 It is amazing to see how nature can have an impact on us. I find that it is a good way to lift my spirit.

By Judy Haughton-James

I am on a journey immersed in nature's ultimate bliss.
I stare intently at the Blue Caribbean Sea.
Where I am it seems distant and calm.
Serenity flows through my mind, body and soul.
At a time like this the word blue only means the sea's hue.

Water gently flows in a stream or briskly down a waterfall.
This is a sight to behold on my tropical isle,
Dunn's River Falls, no doubt the most famous of them all.
Once called Xaymaca, the land of wood and water,
Now renown as Jamaica, land we love.

A cool breeze pats my face and gently ruffles my hair.
It seems to tease, yet the words "Peace, be still" come to mind.
A beautiful butterfly stops by flowers as it enjoys spring in all its glory.
It moves as if dancing to the rhythm of a Caribbean beat.
It could be reggae or calypso, both always give me that lift.

The best moment is when I see a bird flying by with not a care in the world.
It has wind beneath its wings as it flits here and there.
Immediately I speak to the Great Hero beneath my wings.
The Prince of Peace, the Heavenly Father, who gives me
All the strength I need on this journey called life.
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