Friday, November 25, 2011


      Thanksgiving Day was not celebrated as a national holiday in Jamaica but it turned out to be a special day for me.  I got a chance to talk to some relatives living in the U.S.A. and saw some wonderful Thanksgiving Blog Posts as well as interacted with Bloggers.
      At one point I went to one of my email accounts and a particular email caught my eye as the subject area had the name of someone whom I recalled was one of Janine's pen-pals.  I got connected to the internet after Janine's death so we did not have an email address at the time.  Janine and I were very close and had the same friends but only shared a few pen-pals. Nevertheless we would tell each other about our pen-pals and their countries so I knew about her pals. Happily I now communicate with several of her pen-pals and I am so pleased that I have linked up with yet another, Allyson from Wisconsin.
      I know that Janine would be so happy about this.  She is no longer physically here but things keep happening to make me always remember that I am not left alone in the world.
      This is my message to everyone: myspace graphic comments
Myspace Thank You Comments
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