Thursday, February 2, 2012


      Isn't it amazing how much we can link up with persons on the internet and get support from them although we have never even met them in person?  I have been doing so in various groups and of course with many Bloggers.
      As a part of my journey of using writing as a grief management tool  I joined Writing.Com on January 18, 2010.  Recently I marked my first anniversary there but did not even remember this bearing in mind that it was a time when I was dealing with the death of my brother Sutcliffe.  I was so listless that I almost made my membership lapse. Thanks to Eyestar, a special member of the Power Reviewers, I continue to be a member.  I have also received Cnotes and emails with words of encouragement from several members.  
     I am truly grateful and so happy to be still a member of such a wonderful group. Here I express special thanks to Eyestar, Breaker, eskay, Sonali, A. E. Willcox and Maryann. myspace graphic comments
Thank You Graphic Comments

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