Saturday, May 7, 2011




    From the early age of 13 years old I have only had one parent, my mother, Kathleen Naomi Haughton-James ( nee Lindo).  She became a widow on August 14,1975, when my  father Harry collapsed and died of a heart attack while performing his duties as a Councillor in the St.Mary Parish Council on the tropical island of Jamaica.

    Since that fateful day I have been amazed at the strength that she has displayed when she encountered what I call the valleys on this journey called life. It is not that she did not display sadness for the loss of her husband when she was only 47 years old but managed to have the strength in holding it together and taking care of her family. It was a strength noticed not only by her family. I can never forget the words that someone said to her shortly after my father's death - "Mrs. James, there are so many beautiful things about you, but probably the most beautiful of them all, is your ability to take knocks."

     The person who said this died some years ago, but little did he know that come October 16, 2008 mom would have suffered yet another blow, that of the death of her youngest child and my identical twin sister Janine.  Again she showed all the signs of loss and it was more difficult then as she was now a lady in her 80s.  However again she held it together and was a tower of strength for me. I keep saying to her "God certainly knew how important it was for you to have been around when Janine died." We have been through our trials together and her strength has helped to pilot me through my darkest hour.

     Of utmost importance is her strong Christian faith which has never faltered despite the circumstances that she has encountered. This has been such a good example for me who in turn leaned on this faith to carry me through the most challenging period of my life. I am truly blessed to have her as my mother.

    Every Mother's Day she gets a card and despite the fact that Janine is no longer around I never fail to write in it - "From your children: Richard, Sutcliffe, Judy and Janine (looking down from heaven)."

    I know the day will come when my mom is no longer around but I hope I will get the chance to celebrate many more Mother's Days with her. Every day I give God thanks for giving me such a special mother.

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