Thursday, October 20, 2011


       I am here thinking about the sewing classes that Janine and I did during our high school days. Mark you, they did not go on for a long period but believe it or not my twin and I managed to make two skirts.  I would not say they were the best of skirts but they turned out okay! :) I wish we had taken a picture wearing them. However I remember they had a green background with some orange designs on them.

       Neverthless I am not hopeless with a needle and thread. I have dabbled with cross-stitch and can crochet quite well.

     In this post I am featuring my work done in cross-stitch.  I can remember how relieved I was to get a card kit not too long after my twin's death. I could not stand a moment of idle time and I was not in the frame of mind to write. I passed the time working on this card and presented it to my mom on Mother's Day.

    Below are pictures of the card and 3 other pieces that I have done over the years. Janine helped a little but I did most of the work. You will notice that they mainly feature birds and have therefore been big favourites for us! I really enjoyed doing them.

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