Thursday, May 26, 2011



        So often we hear the statement "A picture is worth a thousand words."  This is so true. I am  happy that from my twin sister and I were very young my mother always took pictures of us. Since Janine's death Mom and I have arranged albums with pictures of her, the both of us as well as pictures of Janine with relatives and friends.  As an earlier post showed I even came across a new album which has become her special tribute album. I have shared some of these pictures here and plan to share even more in the future.

        Above are 3 pictures of Janine and me when we were rather young. I can't tell who is Judy and who is Janine in these pictures!:) My parents and brothers were always able to tell the difference. However now Mom and my brothers can't recall who is who in the above pictures. Anyway Janine was smaller than I was during our early years. She was always smiling so I am here thinking maybe she was the one with the smile. Nevertheless I often jokingly say to my mom "You are sure that I am not in fact Janine." 

        Of all our pictures as toddlers these are my favourites. Strangely enough, the one I like best is the one of us in pants. Now that is amazing, as Janine and I just never liked wearing pants over the years. As a matter of fact in our teenage years I think we only had pairs of black pants and navy blue pants and they were rarely worn.

       I have hundreds of pictures of Janine and myself. Surprisingly I found the strength to choose several of our pictures to place in the photograph section on her funeral programme. I guess I was in shock or denial then.  I say this, as after her funeral I could not look into the albums for some months as the pictures made me so sad. Thank God these days I can look through our many albums and  smile when I see pictures of her with a bright smile or a mischievous grin.

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