Tuesday, October 4, 2011


        When you go through my house you will see several calendars and notice that most of them feature birds. I know many of you are not surprised to hear this!  Over the years Janine and I have received many calendars from pen-pals with these beautiful wonders of nature as they know that we are serious bird enthusiasts.

        Well, before you know it another year will come to an end. When that last day arrives our calendars are taken down and safely packed away as those pictures will in turn decorate somewhere in our home. Above is a picture of one of the doors in my room all decorated with several bird pictures from old calendars. These beautiful pictures are also used to make big special cards for our mom on special occasions like Mother's Day, her birthday and Christmas. Of course as I continue this tradition Janine's name is still mentioned in the cards.

       The calendars that feature sections that you can write on serve as notepads for me. I also remember that one of Janine's pen-pals used old calendars to make some beautiful envelopes and wrap gifts. Does anyone else make use of old calendars? 

P.S. After doing this post I came across Eisy Morgan's great Inspired By YOU Wednesday LINK PARTY and linked up. Do check her Blog EISY MORGAN.
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