Thursday, August 25, 2011


By Judy Haughton-James
Judy ( left) & Janine ( right)
        A few days ago I got a wonderful surprise when I received this picture from my first cousin Marlene Bryant, a professional photographer who lives in Massachusetts, U.S.A. Janine and I were very family conscious and always happy to receive visits from relatives. We got a special treat when Marlene visited as she would be armed with her special cameras ready to take pictures of us and our family. I have several pictures that she took of us over the years but it was the first time that I was seeing this one. 

       Janine and I enjoyed roaming around our farm as Marlene captured pictures of us. Here we were seated beside a breadfruit tree. We loved pictures taken in the midst of nature.

         I shared this picture with my Facebook friends and it brought back quite a few memories of our high school days. For one it reminded me that many years ago we wore our watches on opposite hands. Our former schoolmate Celia who is keen commented on this ! Others remembered that Janine was always the one with the bright smile. Sophia even remembered that one of us had a scar. Oh, that was me! This was a slight scar I had after a cut above my right eye when I was very young. However it faded with time so was hardly seen by many!:) Another friend Marjorie said she could vividly picture the days when she saw us waiting for our ride home.This picture was indeed a pleasant surprise!
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