Monday, August 22, 2011


By Judy Haughton-James

        Yeah!  This is Blog Post 100 and it is just under 6 months since I started this Blog.  I  got connected to the internet shortly after my twin sister's death in 2008 and I remember my cousin Audrey in New York suggesting that I start a Blog then. I was not in the frame of mind as yet and furthermore there was still quite a bit to learn about using the internet!

          I have been a Freelance writer for many years and just about every writer's publication that I receive stresses the importance of a writer having a Blog. Well, I finally took the plunge in March of this year and decided it would be about issues that I am very passionate about - being twins, becoming twinless and the many interests that my twin and I shared.

          It has been a difficult journey but I am happy that I have not only been able to look at the sad times but the good times.  I actually started the Blog with a poem titled 'BEING TWINS' which summed up the life that my twin and I shared for almost 47 years. In these posts I have covered a wide range of subjects.

           I want to thank the many persons who have visited this Blog, those who have become Followers and those who have written comments. So far I have had visitors from 114 countries. I know many of these persons are not twins or twinless twins, yet they have shown interest in my posts. As the saying goes "Gratitude is the right attitude."  I look forward to your continued support and welcome many more Followers and comments. Until we meet again on Blog Post 101, Take care and greetings from my 'Island in the sun - Jamaica!"

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