Monday, March 25, 2013


   Earlier this month I celebrated another Blog anniversary and hosted my first giveaway. Today I publicly congratulate the 3 winners. Soon their ads will be on the right sidebar of my blog for 1 month. Please look out for blog posts featuring the winners. The winners are:
                   Sarah who has a Blog  titled Journeys of The Zoo
Sarah  who has a blog titled Whimsical Mumblings

Lisa who has a blog titled Home to 4 Kiddos

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Favourite Easter Decorations - Creative Monday Linky

     Here in Jamaica it is not the custom to decorate one's home at Easter. Anyway my twin and I started decorating our home after receiving Easter decorations from pen pals in a number of countries. I plan to decorate again this year and started to worry when I could not find my Easter decorations. During Hurricane Sandy I had to move things around  so that they would not get damaged. I was so relieved when  I finally found them! Here are some favourites that Janine and I like to decorate with. 

Wooden Bunny that Janine received from Germany
Yellow Feathers from Sweden
Decorated Easter eggs from Sweden
Decorated Easter Eggs from England

Purple Feathers from Sweden
Wooden Flowers from Germany

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