Thursday, November 7, 2013

Purely By Accident - Sponsor

     Thanks a lot to Miranda who has a blog titled Purely By Accident for becoming a sponsor of my blog.  My very best wishes to you Miranda.

Myrabev is my blog name and I was born in 1987 in Zambia. I have two siblings, male and female, who  are both younger than me.

In 2004 December we moved to the UK for better Education and a better life in general. I finished my high school in England, went to college and finally university.

I have now graduated from the university of Hertfordshire with an  Honours degree and I  work for an American pharma company.

I have a partner whom I met on-line almost 6 years ago and we've been dating ever since and plan to get married soon.

I am now a YouTube vlogger but I only do it randomly. I started writing my blog to pass time as I moved to a new town for my job and did not really have friends down here but now I am really enjoying it!!!!!

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