Sunday, April 17, 2011


When you lose your twin at times life feels like it is on a roller coaster ride. Some days are normal and  on other days you feel down and out. One minute you feel strong and you can deal with the loss, another minute the slightest thing makes you sad. A few days ago I joined the website for one of my former schools and I was trying to add Janine's name to the 'IN MEMORY' section which lists the year and the names of the persons who have died. I was having difficulty but thanks to one of the persons who runs the site, her name has been added. I went to the page this afternoon and on seeing her name beside 2008 with a red rose I felt so sad.  Luckily I had some work to do at Writing.Com that quickly occupied my time. Strangely enough on another day maybe I would feel stronger and not be so affected. Anyway as soon as I feel better I will send her picture and add some words beside her name but I can't manage it today.  That is what I call the roller coaster ride!  Well, let me lift my spirit and again remember the words that I saw yesterday "H.O.P.E. - HOLDING ON, PRAYING EARNESTLY!"
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