Friday, December 9, 2011


      I consider myself fortunate to have just read the book "WHO MOVED THE SUN?" by Ron McKenzie, a twinless twin. For one I think this title is spot on when writing about the loss of one's twin. 
      Presented in an interesting way Ron shared the questions he wished to ask his departed twin and things he wanted to discuss with him the 365 days following his death.  He  gives a full understanding of the lives that he and Don had together as identical twins and his experiences since Don's death. It also helps twinless twins to find ways to cope with their loss. I especially like the fact that it makes us realize that while our twins are no longer physically present they are still with us in spirit and we should find comfort by recognizing this. Of equal importance is that it will help twinless twins know that there is nothing strange about the loneliness, questions, thoughts and emotions that they experience after the loss of a twin.  It is indeed a deep realistic look at twin loss.
      The book is filled with many wonderful pictures of Ron and Don at different stages of their lives. Pictures help us to recall the good times we had with our departed loved ones and that is exactly what Ron does in the book.  It not only reveals the strong bond that twins share but the fun they can have together. 
      I am happy to have made contact with several twinless twins including Ron whom I met through the Twinless Twins Facebook group.  Congratulations Ron. You have done an excellent job.  
     I recommend this book to twins, twinless twins, their families, friends and anyone interested in this subject.

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