Friday, June 10, 2011


      When I got connected to the internet a few months after my twin's death in October 2008 little did I know that I would have been swept up by the wave of the social media. First it was Facebook. Now I have joined Twitter, LinkedIn and Savvy 24 Seven. Add the twinless twins and twin loss groups and I can say that I have been truly blessed to link up with some wonderful persons who have become good friends on this healing journey. As the saying goes "Friends are God's way of taking care of us." I dedicate this poem to all my friends:


There is nothing better than a true friend,
Someone on whom you can always depend.
In times of sadness a godsend,
No misunderstanding that you cannot mend.

There for you when there is the thrill of good times,
Uttering positive words that sound like chimes.
Happy to know there is something to celebrate,
When everything in your world is going great.

Never short of words of encouragement,
Happy to see your dream's fulfilment.
Never too busy to help you cope,
Especially when you desperately need words of hope.

Standing with you through thick and thin,
Especially when your life seems to be in a spin.
Remembers you whether you are near or far,
Not even the wide blue sea stands as a bar.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette - - Twin sister mourns slaying victim

Worcester Telegram & Gazette - - Twin sister mourns slaying victim

I just got this article in my inbox from one of my friends. It is so sad to see another person become a twinless twin under these circumstances. I pray that her twin sister, relatives and friends will be comforted. 
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