Friday, November 4, 2011


       This is my first birthday since I became a Blogger. I have met so many wonderful persons since I started Blogging and you have all helped me so much.  One of these persons is cheerfulnuts who has a great Blog - Cheerfulnuts.  She is one of twins and her sister's name is seriousnuts who has a Blog titled The Personal Blog of seriousnuts. She drew this special card for me on her Blog with the following message:-"I drew this picture as a present to a set of twins, Judy and Janine, whom I have never met. The picture shows Judy sending a bird to Janine, her deceased twin, with a birthday present. They're wearing matching clothes, like what they used to do while Janine was still living. I want to wish my Blogger friend Judy and her twin sister in heaven, Janine, a happy happy birthday!" Thanks a million cheerfulnuts. You certainly know how strong the twin bond is and you have brightened my day.
         To everyone who has supported me by becoming Followers, writing comments, sharing advice, visiting my Blog, sharing awards, providing a wide variety of posts for me to read, Blog Hops to participate in and so much more I say:
                 myspace graphic comments

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