Tuesday, May 3, 2011



       Shortly after Janine's death I remember a cousin saying to me "Why not start a Blog where you can share your thoughts on what it is like being a twinless twin?"  Then I was so confused that I never gave it much thought.  However after 2 years of linking up with other twinless twins, reading books and better understanding a lot of my experiences I decided to start a Blog. If you are a twinless twin write down your thoughts, poems, articles etc. even if you do not want to share them with others. You will definitely find doing so therapeutic.
      I am also happy to see other twinless twins having Blogs. Three twinless twin Blogs that I am currently following are Enjy's Place, Kari's Blog and Twin Love. I have also joined the Experience Project's Twinless Twins group. I had some problems accessing the site but happily that problem seems to be over.  If anyone knows of other twinless twin Blogs please share them with me.  In the meantime write on.  Below is a poem that I wrote some months after Janine's death.

By Judy Haughton-James

I have always wanted to work in the media,
Being a broadcaster was the first idea.
Finally decided to be a Journalist,
And pursued my goal with earnest.

Did courses in Journalism and Writing,
Found them extremely interesting.
Broke into print with hobbies and interests,
Since then have written on a wide range of subjects.

These days writing for me is therapy,
While others offer me sympathy.
Now without my identical twin,
I draw on all the strength within.

celine dion ft. josh groban, the prayer

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