Thursday, June 20, 2013

Question Time

    Every weekend I will have a blog post where I ask and answer questions.  It is a good way for readers to get to know more about me and also helps me to get feedback on a number of questions. Are you able to converse with a stranger?  Over the years this was never difficult for my twin and me. I can talk to a stranger as if I knew him/her for ages.
   As usual I am participating in Friendship Friday hosted by Create With Joy where this week the theme is Fun Facts. 1.  What is the most daring thing that you have ever done?  Held the rope of an unruly calf. 2. When you think of humorous moments in your life, what comes to mind?  The many times that my identical twin and I had persons totally confused as to who was who.3. What is your most unusual talent?  The ability to write poetry.
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