Friday, March 11, 2011



Warmth marches forward as I take a stroll down memory lane.
A wonderful day to do so as the sun shines brightly on my tropical isle.
Immediately I recall how my twin and I loved to bask in nature's glory.
Right now I can picture us in our identical peach floral dresses
that seemed to welcome passing butterflies.

Spring draws near and we loved visits from our feathered friends.
Their morning chorus made our early alarm clock redundant.
The sound of the long, strong, beak of the woodpecker could never
Be ignored as he relished his favourite insect dish from a coconut tree.
The same tall coconut tree that gave us a refreshing drink of coconut water.

As we gazed downwards the blue sky seemed to kiss the Caribbean sea,
While the surrounding hills and valleys appeared to take on their blue hue.
Today  they remind me of the ups and downs on life's journey.
I walk alone as a twinless twin but with God's help I will climb out of life's valley
and head to the top of a mountain of hope.

I have no doubt that the day will come when we meet again.
For sure such a wonderful day that will be.
This awesome scenery engulfs me with inner peace.
Now I  take comfort knowing that despite it all,
My twin Janine is in a better place.
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