Saturday, November 19, 2011


      Recently I received 2 Blog awards for the second time. I am taking this opportunity to pass them on again. I love so many Blogs covering a wide range of subjects that I wish I had an award to give to everyone!
     A big thank you to corabeth who has a great Blog titled My Crazy Life for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to me. My first post about it was IT IS GOOD TO BE VERSATILE!  
       I now pass it on to these 15 Blogs:
*My Life in Holland
*Planet Weidknecht
*Dreaming in Open Fields
*The Little Girl's How to Save Blog
*Let's Talk About People
*Judy's Handmade Creations
*All Things Important
*Home Grown Families
*Mama to 4 Blessings
*Bahamian Recipes and More
*A Gracious Home
*Life with Linda
*Keeping Up With The Rheinlanders

      I would also like to thank Heather Nelsen with her wonderful Blog Notes from the Nelsens for passing on the Liebster award to me. My first post about it was  WOW! MY FIRST BLOG AWARD! I am now happy to pass it on to 5 more great Blogs:
*Happy Accidents
*My Life Through Pictures
*All About Computers
*The New Scheherazades

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