Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Book I Must Read!

     I am always eager to read books about twin loss from various authors  having experienced it myself. I must therefore thank Jeff Umbro, Digital Marketing Manager of Goldberg McDuffie Communications for informing me about yet another book available on this subject. He is working on the publicity campaign and shared the following information with me:-

   “I hope you have heard of BEGINNING WITH THE END: A Memoir of Twin Loss and Healing by Mary Rockefeller Morgan (Vantage Point; Publication date: May 31, 2012). With the rise in twin births, Morgan’s book is very timely. In it, she shares the deeply candid story of her journey to heal from and accept the death of her twin brother, shedding interesting light on the subject of twin grief.

   When Mary Morgan was twenty-three-years-old tragedy changed her life forever when her twin brother Michael Rockefeller disappeared off the remote coast of New Guinea while on an anthropology expedition. Given that their father was Nelson A. Rockefeller, then Governor of New York, it was a worldwide news event, with repercussions that Mary would confront for the rest of her life: Michael was never found. Following Michael’s tragic disappearance was a twenty-seven-year repression of her grief and unconscious denial of his death, which she allowed to control her relationships and life.

  In BEGINNING WITH THE END, Morgan shares poignant memories of Michael, the one person with whom she had shared everything, while revealing her spiritual healing process. In the course of telling her story, she provides fascinating insight into the subject of bereavement, particularly the complexities of twin loss, which inspired her to pursue her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University and counsel twinless twins for the past fifteen years. Through her personal and professional experiences, she reveals the anguish and isolation brought on by the death of a loved one and the silent, subtle ways in which it can seize your life in order to open up the dialogue on the grief process.

   A beautifully honest story, BEGINNING WITH THE END will resonate with all readers who have lost someone close to them.

   Mary R. Morgan, L.M.S.W. is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in working with twinless twins. She lectures on the subject of twin loss and has led a bereavement group for twins whose twin died in the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster. She is married and lives in New York.”

    As I await my copy I wish Mary success with this book and her continued work with helping twinless twins on a very difficult journey. Persons can learn more by becoming a fan of the BEGINNING WITH THE END Facebook Fan Page at the following link -

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