Thursday, April 14, 2011


     On Tuesday I signed up on the website of one of my former high schools, St. Mary High. We certainly had some fun times during our school days and of course we had many of our schoolmates confused. The vast majority just settled for the name 'Twiney' as they could not tell the difference. Janine and I liked dressing alike so being in a country where you had to wear school uniforms created no problem for us.  Janine was usually the one who decided on the hair styles while I handled the money matters for school.  It was interesting how we divided various roles.
     Strangely enough so many persons still mistakenly call me Janine even though she passed away 2 years ago. It does not disturb me at all. It reminds me of the fun times we had.  Persons can call my twin's name as many times as they want to as I will never be able to stop talking about her. This bond formed in the womb is here to stay.
      Over the years Janine was always the one with the bright smile in pictures and I would say that she was more outgoing. Nevertheless without any effort on my part I tend to be more like her these days. I have heard other twinless twins state that they have also noticed this following the death of their twins. Members of my family have also pointed this out to me.
       The early months after Janine's death were particularly difficult. It is not easy facing a mirror which shows the exact image of your twin. Even when I heard my own voice it made me very sad as it sounded so much like Janine's voice. What was also quite challenging was when some thing happened and I was about to head to Janine to tell her only to realize that she was no longer around.
       It has been a difficult road to travel but if I had the chance to live again I would be happy to be Janine's twin again.
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