Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Time To Celebrate!


   This weekend will be a special long holiday weekend as Jamaica celebrates its 50th anniversary of Independence on Monday, August 6th. Over the years Janine and I eagerly looked forward to this time of the year.  Our favourite events leading up to the big day included the Festival Song or Popular Song competition, Festival Queen Contest, Mello- Go- Roun’, Gospel Song competition, Grand Gala etc. If it meant staying up late at night to see or hear who was the winner of a competition we would do so. Whenever there was a special fashion for festival we would also get dresses made up in the fashion.  This year the Jamaican colours can be seen in many places. 
   Well, what better time to list my Top 10 favourite things about my homeland:
                                                  1. Wonderful people
                                                  2. Beautiful Landscape
                                                  3. Rich and varied culture
                                                  4. Reggae music
                                                  5.Great athletes
                                                  6. Delicious cuisine
                                                  7. Racial tolerance
                                                  8. Democratic country
                                                  9  Flora and fauna.
                                                 10.Tropical climate
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