Monday, July 11, 2011


       This bird enthusiast is certainly having a whale of a time! In an earlier post I mentioned that I won the WDC Power Reviewer Challenge based on a picture of birds.  Well, things have gotten even better as one of the members of the group, Breaker, Metutera Toauriri, sent me this special signature as a gift for my poem. I was particularly pleased that he said he made sure to have 2 birds in the picture, one representing me and one for my departed twin sister. He went on to say that he hopes I will see it as in memory of her.

         I am truly grateful to you Breaker! For one, he fully understands the bond that twins share and went out of his way to remember my twin even though she had already died before I joined the group. It goes to show that there are persons who truly care. Of even more importance to me is the fact that this is coming from someone who is not one of twins. I am truly blessed to be in such a wonderful group at Writing.Com. They never fail to give each other encouragement and lift one's spirit.  God Bless Breaker who is from Kiribati in the South Pacific!
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