Saturday, March 19, 2011


Just over  a year after my twin sister's death I was busy searching for some books and suddenly found this photo album in a grip packed high on top of a wardrobe.  I got this album many years ago and did not even remember that I had it. It was in a plastic bag looking as new as ever and had no pictures in it. Mom and I decided to make it a tribute album and placed many pictures of Janine in it. Strangely enough I have not yet found the other books that I have been searching for. It is as if I was led to this album for this special purpose. I think that twins continue to have a strong bond even after one of them has passed on. As the saying goes "Once a twin, always a twin."


When I was only 13 years old my father died but then I don't think I fully thought about death. Two years ago my twin sister Janine passed away and I developed a deep interest in this topic. First of all I turned to my Bible. Since then I have read a number of books and was especially fascinated by the book 'Healing Grief' by James Van Praagh which was sent to me by another twinless twin named Brenda. Last Saturday, March 12, my Aunt Prilly passed away and again I am thinking about the subject. Oh, how happy I would be if I knew that my father and Janine had already met in their new life. Ah well, we won't really know what death is all about until our day comes. One thing I am sure about though is the fact that they are all in a better place.This is based on my Christian belief.  As I ponder about this topic I add 2 pictures of Aunt Prilly. One of her as a young woman and the other of her in later life. May her soul rest in peace. A Thanksgiving Service will be held for her on Tuesday, March 29 at the St. Andrew Parish Church starting at 2 p.m.
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