Tuesday, April 19, 2011



       From time to time something happens that shocks you and turns your whole world upside down and oh how you wish it was just a bad dream. It is so difficult to face reality that you feel dazed as if you have woken up suddenly and still feel very tired.

       After my twin sister's death I went through a long period with very little sleep during the night.  I was never one to dream much and just could not imagine getting enough sleep to even dream!

      Miraculously the night before her funeral I managed to get a short period of sleep and had what I regard as  a very special dream. My twin and I were out together, dressed alike as usual and both looked hale and hearty.  I was so surprised and said to myself "How come I am so lucky that my twin is dead, yet she is here with me?"

       Anyone who doubts the powerful effect of a special dream can check me.  I found myself with an unbelievable strength at her funeral.  I am someone with a strong Christian faith and I saw this as God assuring me that although my twin had died and was being buried she would still be with me in spirit.

        When you are one of twins you enter this world with company and find yourself living in a fantasy world that here is company for life.  When your twin dies you are jolted by reality and it is not an easy road to travel.

         This special dream is always there for me to recall and it has helped me during many low moments.  Since then I have seen my twin in several dreams and look forward to having many more. What is particularly interesting is that so far this has been the only dream in which I remembered that my twin was dead.

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