Wednesday, September 7, 2011


By Judy Haughton-James

          I  love nature and show me flowers and I am in awe. I have seen some of the most beautiful flowers from around the world via pictures, postcards, Blogs, television, magazines, you name it.

          However there is always that favourite flower. Janine and I just loved roses. We have had pink, white and red roses in our garden over the years. I know that there are roses in other colours and I have seen beautiful yellow ones in other gardens.

         The summer heat is on over here on my tropical island and my roses aren't doing so well now so I welcome rain. Anyway I got some shots of this beautiful red rose in our garden.

         Speaking of flowers, I am getting in that mood to go and buy some packs of unusual flower seeds and plant them as soon as the weather is just right for them to thrive. Actually I am thinking of setting up a little garden in memory of my twin sister Janine. I may even put some bird figures in there. Who knows I could put it somewhere so that I could put a bird feeder high and maybe I will see a lot of birds again including our favourite bird - Jamaica's Streamer Tail Hummingbird. Of course I would have to make sure that it is protected from animals like goats, donkeys etc.

          Where foreign flowers are concerned my memory went back to some pictures and postcards that we saw of lavender flowers some time ago.  This occurred recently when I received the  Victorian  Lavender Sachet pictured below from my English pen-pal Pam.  I know that this flower has also been used for perfumes. Right now  I can actually picture those breathtaking scenes of lavender.

        Well, there is a flower for every month and we were born in November so ours is the Chrysanthemum.  Some years ago I had a lot of these flowers in our garden.  Another flower that thrives well even during summer at my home is what is called the Ginger Lily. Some of them can be seen in the pictures of the rose. Nothing daunts them and we have put several of them on Janine's grave from time to time. So, what is your favourite flower? I know there are so many to choose from.  
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