Thursday, April 28, 2011



       Throughout the years Janine and I have always had dogs as pets.  As a matter of fact at times we had several dogs and I mean as many as 6 or more!  Our dogs have enjoyed our environment as living on a farm they have a lot of land that they could run around freely on.  Although all dogs are treated well you can't help but have one or two favourites.  The names of our favourites that immediately come to mind were Nerrie and Nellie.  In recent times Dobie and Waggy featured in the pictures above have been our favourites.

        I sometimes wonder if our dogs could tell the difference between my twin sister and me. Why?! It always seemed as if each dog preferred one twin over the other.  This is because the dog would be quick to greet and stay close to one twin more than the other.  They clearly knew that we were two individuals although we looked so much alike.

       During the short time that Janine was ill they never failed to rush in the room whenever they came into our house as if to see how she was doing. They even looked puzzled at times as they seemed to wonder why she wasn't up and about with me as usual!

      The strangest thing occurred the first morning after her death. She died just before noon on Thursday, October 16, 2008. I do not know if they saw when the undertakers removed her body. It is a situation that I could not deal with so I went into a room. Normally they would rush into the house every morning and be up and about wagging their tails and acting lively. Instead that morning they laid on the carpet and were unusually quiet.  Did they also realize that Janine was no longer with us?  We will never know but animals sometimes appear to know more than what we credit them for.

      I have been able to write several poems since Janine's death and I am sure if she was with me she would agree with every word in this poem:

Are you willing to take a bet
And guess which animal is my favourite pet?
I will gladly tell you that dogs are the best,
I have always preferred them over the rest.

They are ready and eager to protect us,
Willing to keep our company without a fuss.
They show such amazing intelligence,
Standing by our side with diligence.

They even seem to smile,
Wagging their tails for awhile.
No one should dare to intrude,
As any invasion changes a dog's mood.

My dog Dobie can pull a gate,
And does it at a quick rate.
He acts like a potential track star,
Seeming to favour hurdling by far.

Dogs are really smart,
And are dear to my heart.
Oh how I wish I still had four,
They are man's best friend for sure.

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