Saturday, May 14, 2011



       Over the years Janine and I wrote many articles together for local and international publications. Right now I can just picture her with the usual bright smile about my writing success at Writing.Com this week.

      In the previous post I wrote about the impact of some of the submissions by members of the Power Reviewers group, especially blainecindy's lyrics.

      Well, my spirit has been further lifted as I submitted 4 pieces to the group and got many positive reviews. It got even better as I received an Awardicon for my article about Mother's Day 2011 and I was not even able to add the picture of the card that I have here with the post.

      For my poem 'A TRIBUTE TO MOM' I was listed among persons who were winners for the Best Dedications Posted.  I also got the Community Spirit Award for doing the most reviews.

       Life certainly has its ups and downs and it helps when things happen to lift our spirits. The awards and prizes have inspired me to get a good amount of writing done this weekend. Look out, I will share some of them here real soon. 
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